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By tobidoylemacbrayne


Too few Monday’s in July to put down all my favorite episodes of Supernatural. These guys keep me company when I work out, some days they are the only reason I stay on the darn Elliptical. (That and wanting to be Betty White)

Ty Olsson is my favorite vampire. Yes, you read me right – better than Edward, sexier than Damon. Those eyes are amazing and he’s so strong and loyal in the show.

The archangels, my oh my… Misha Collins as Castiel, Sebastian Roche as Balthazar, and Richard Speight, Jr. as Gabriel.

SebastianRoche RichardSpeightJr

The bad boys… Lucifer, played by Mark Pellegrino and Crowley, the King of Hell played by Mark Sheppard.


Good times…

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