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About Ferndean Press, LLC

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Ferndean Press, LLC, is a small full service self-publishing company publishing Romance that's fun to read. The company is run completely by Rebecca Barray and Tobi Doyle MacBrayne. The perfect symbiotic relationship, Tobi writes constantly, often more than a thousand words in a single day, while Becca tries frantically to keep up, usually editing,  but occasionally designing book covers, websites, and promotional material for Ferndean Press. Becca occasionally writes, also, though she prefers very short fiction, usually less than a few hundred words, to Tobi's novels of fifty thousand words or more.

Ferndean Press is not currently accepting manuscripts, but we hope to provide authors with affordable help self-publishing in the future. You can email Becca, Tobi, or Ferndean Press with any questions or comments you have.